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Top 10 Style Predictions for 2021

Kicking off the new year (and the new blog!) with my Top 10 Interior Style Predictions for 2021! Nothing earth-shattering here; just some design trends I've been observing that I think we will be seeing a lot more of in the upcoming year (and beyond)! The overarching theme that I've noticed is a focus on authenticity and a return to tradition. It's odd in a sense that any of these styles are "trending" because, really, they are all very classic and timeless! Anyway, I am personally thrilled to see these traditional designs being used more frequently, and in such a fresh new way!

So, here they are, in no particular order...

1 : Warm Neutrals

Move over stark whites and cool grays... this is the year of ivory, cream, beige & mushroom! I think we will be seeing a lot more of these warmer neutrals and I am 100% here for it! This beautiful home of Julia Hunter (CEO @jennikayne ) is a stunning example of warmer tones.

Be on the lookout for creamier white walls (like Benjamin Moore Simply White & White Dove), warm greige cabinetry & trim (like Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter & Pale Oak), and warmer textile tones! 🤗

How do you feel about warmer vs cooler tones in your home?

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2 : Darker Wood Tones

Darker wood tones are definitely making a comeback this year! I think lighter and mid-tone floors are here to stay, but I think we’ll be seeing a lot more walnut & mahogany tones in accent furniture, countertops, doors, and ceilings/beams this year. I’m not the gambling type but I’m betting that mixed wood finishes that give a collected, curated look will be all over your feed this year 🤗

How do you feel about dark wood tones making a comeback? Are you here for it or not so much?

Here are some other inspiring examples of this style:

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3 : Over-Grouted Fieldstone

Having grown up in Bucks County, PA (where beautiful, old fieldstone is literally everywhere), this style is very close to my heart and I am SO excited about seeing more of it... there is nothing quite like the warm, earthy texture of fieldstone... Especially when it looks like it’s hundreds of years old and had been plastered over and then repointed 🤩 This is a personal favorite look of mine and couldn’t be happier about it making its way into more homes this year! Look for it on fireplaces, kitchen ranges and backsplashes, bathroom walls, and accent walls!

Could you see using this kind of stone somewhere in your home? Where would you put it? We have some leftover from our outdoor fireplace that I’ve been dying to use somewhere! I have I feeling it’ll be finding its way into my house sooner rather than later! 😉)

Here are some other inspiring examples of this style:

4 : Ficus Trees

Raise your hand if you’ve jumped on the fiddle leaf fig and/or olive tree bandwagon and have had one (or more) of them die on you!? 😬🙋‍♀️

No judgement here... I’ve definitely had my share of sad, crispy trees! 😂 But through all the fiddles & olives that didn’t make it, I’ve had a trusty old #ficus benjamina in my kitchen that’s been staying strong and healthy for years! It’s very forgiving, and unlike a fiddle leaf, it won’t look suddenly naked if it drops a few leaves!🌿

So, if you’re kinda over the fiddle and olive tree trend and are ready to try something new, consider the ficus! There are so many great options available (live or faux) in all different sizes. My personal favorite is the benjamina (aka #weepingfig ) but there are many varieties available.

Here are some other inspiring examples of this style:

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5 : Vintage Everything

OLD is the new black 😆 From art and textiles to vessels and stools, vintage pieces are taking interior decorating by storm right now, and I think this will continue into 2021 and beyond.

There’s something so special about finding that needle-in-a-haystack vintage piece that sets your space apart and adds a layer of authenticity and history you just don’t get otherwise!

Antique and vintage pieces have such wonderful richness and patina that add so much depth and interest to a space... I think every space needs at least one vintage element in it ☺️

If the thrill of the hunt (or the idea of having something used/old in your house) isn’t your thing, there are so many great “vintage look” pieces available now too!

Are you a vintage lover? What are some of your go-to sources for great vintage finds?

Here are some other inspiring examples of this style:

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6 : Brass

I cringe at the thought of this, but I can remember years ago, when brushed nickel was all the rage, visiting my parents’ house and wishing they would “upgrade” all their brass hardware... man am I glad they didn’t 😂 (mom is ALWAYS right, am I right!?)

Honestly, it can be really hard to keep up with hardware / metal finish trends, which seem like they change every few years. But whether it’s polished, antique, or unlacquered, brass has been making its way back into popularity for several years already and it is definitely not going away in 2021....

One way to avoid feeling like you have to change alllll the hardware in your home every time the trends change is to incorporate a mix of complementary metals. Brass pairs beautifully with polished nickel, as well as black or oil rubbed bronze finishes. I’m also seeing brass paired with shaker cabinet knobs (wooden knobs painted the same color as the cabinets) a lot lately — another big trend to look out for this year!

You can also try bringing in some brass accessories without having to change all your existing hardware! Try a vintage art print in a goldleaf frame, a lamp with some brass detail, a cute little brass dish, or a pair of antique brass salt & pepper mills for your kitchen!

Rub n’ buff is also a great way to easily and inexpensively transform existing pieces (I recently did this with my master bathroom mirrors!).

Here are some other inspiring examples of this style:

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7 : Organic & Natural Materials

A relaxed, Mediterranean style with layer-upon-layer of neutral textures will be very big this year! Almost like a palette cleanser after the craziness of last year, this laid-back style feels like a breath of fresh air and I am HERE for it! 🤍 🕊

This style is so soothing, grounded, earthy, and unpretentious....There’s just something about the warm layers of natural wood, organic fibers and soft linens that really make you FEEL something, ya know!? ✨ I totally embrace this style, for 2021 and always!

Here are some other inspiring examples of this style:

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8 : Limewash & Roman Clay

This is one that I personally cannot wait to try in my own home! Limewash, Roman clay, and Venetian plaster finishes have very earthy, worldly vibes that give a space a sense of history and character. This year I think we’ll be seeing these beautiful finishes all over walls, fireplaces, and range hoods!

I particularly love how limewash paint lends itself to a minimal, natural style but adds such richness of depth and movement. The first time I saw it I thought “wait, that’s a PAINT!?” 😮🤩

I’ve always been a fan of limewashed brick exteriors, but only recently discovered you could also apply this to interior surfaces. There are a few brands in the US with interior limewash and Roman clay paints (such as @portolapaints ) and apparently you can also make it yourself if you’re so inclined 😉

Here are some other inspiring examples of this style:

9 : European Style Kitchens

European influences are showing up allll over kitchens lately! Rustic wood beams and floors, freestanding antique islands, chimney style hoods, plaster finishes, shelves instead of upper cabinets, French stoves, dark countertops, earthy cabinet colors, and open storage displaying collected & well-loved items that tell a unique story 🤗

Here are some other inspiring examples of this style:

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10 : Moody Moments

Let’s be honest... 2020 was r o u g h ! I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that our homes are a reflection of ourselves, and I feel like after this year, maybe we all need a little outlet for the dark & moody feelings of the past year 😬🥴🤪. Whether it’s a powder room, mudroom, kitchen or living space, these moody moments are popping up everywhere in the design world lately. Dark walls, cabinetry, furniture and accessories having been gaining popularity and I think they’re here to stay this year! There’s something about a dark and cozy space that feels very comforting, don’t you think? 🖤

How do you feel about this moody style? Would you try this anywhere in your home, or do you lean more towards lighter & brighter spaces?

Here are some other inspiring examples of dark & moody spaces:

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