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Sixpenny Furniture Review

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Now that we've had our furniture from Sixpenny for a few months and have had a chance to really live with it, I wanted to share a full review of everything we have! In case you missed my previous reveal post, here's what we got:

Before I get into my review of these specific pieces, I wanted to share my top 3 reasons to love Sixpenny, and what made me choose this company for so many of the "big ticket" furniture pieces in our home:

1 | Quality & Craftsmanship

Sixpenny makes it their priority to source the best quality materials for their furniture, from the construction to the fill to the fabrics. These pieces are all incredibly sturdy & durable, and feel so luxurious. Definitely no cutting corners or cheap materials here!

2 | Style

All of Sixpenny's pieces are designed in New York and exude such timeless, elegant style. I love the simple designs that maximize comfort as well as style, and the fact that they offer so many different fabrics makes it feel like you're getting a custom piece of furniture.

3 | Price

Because they design, source, and manufacture all their furniture directly, Sixpenny is able to cut out a lot of unnecessary costs to produce their furniture that would typically make it much more expensive. The end result? You get a much better product for your money! And I love to support a smaller company!

We chose the 72" Gabriel Sofa for our family room / playroom. I went with the down fill and the medium weight linen in Jasmine Rice. I love this color linen -- it's a cooler tone and in some light almost looks like it has a greenish undertone to me. Perfect for the earthy, organic look I was going for! This couch is so soft & comfortable and is perfect for cozy movie nights with the family (all 4 of us fit comfortably!).

The down cushions are luxuriously overfilled and, although they do require "fluffing" occasionally (as all down cushions do), I notice that they need it much less frequently than other brands I have tried (including a much more expensive popular retailer I won't mention). The slipcover is made so well, I still can't get over the expert craftsmanship. The quality of the tailoring is right up there with the top brands, but for a much lower price. I have washed it a couple of times already, and it holds up beautifully & goes back on so easily (nothing worse than a slipcover that doesn't fit properly and it feels like an Olympic event every time you have to take it off or put it back on!).

I really love the clean lines of this design -- the slim shelter arms, the bench seat cushion, and the 2 oversized back cushions give it such a clean, elegant look. The linen does get a little wrinkly with use, but I personally love the casual, lived-in feeling of linen!

For the living room, we chose the 96" Amelia Sofa with down fill and the Pacific Pearl cotton linen slipcover. This fabric is softer than the medium weight Jasmine Rice linen we have on the Gabriel Sofa, but just as durable! It's a clean, bright white and washes like a dream (we have two little boys and a black dog who have really put it to the test, too!). The Amelia feels a little more feminine to me than the Gabriel, with swooping arms and beautifully tailored back cushions that gradually slope toward the center (such loving attention to detail!).

This sofa is very generously sized, and my 6'4" husband especially loves that he can lay down on the whole thing with room to spare (I take this for granted at 5'2", haha!). Again, I love the bench seat cushion... it's basically like a bed! This might just be the perfect napping couch -- it feels like sitting on a cloud!

We originally got the Kai Console Table for the family room / playroom, but we ended up using it behind the Amelia sofa in the living room instead. It works just as beautifully as a media console as it does as a sofa table! I love how it crates a visual barrier between spaces in our open concept living room / kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised by how heavy this table is! The quality and construction are totally solid, and the character of this wood is amazing -- it adds so much life and texture to the space. I also love the little side cut-out detail on the legs. Such a fun and unexpected twist, while still feeling subtle and timeless! This table would be so beautiful in an entryway, too -- it makes such a beautiful impression in person.

Although they are technically dining chairs, we got the Ziki Chairs (also in the Jasmine rice linen) for our living room because we needed armchairs with a smaller footprint. They are surprisingly comfortable especially considering their petite look. The seat is firmer than the sofa cushions, but still nice and soft. I love the curved back and sleek profile of these chairs, and again the slipcovers are absolutely tailored to perfection! One of my favorite details is how the slipcover waterfalls over the cushion, rather than the seat cushion being individually slipcovered. I think this gives is a really elegant, high end look.

We recently moved our furniture around for the holidays to put the Christmas tree in the living room, and I ended up moving these chairs into the dining room during the shuffle. No surprise, I absolutely LOVE them there too! Now I don't know where to put them because I love them in both places so much... maybe I just need to get 2 more, haha!

Note: The seat is a little higher on these chairs, so if you're short like I am, your feet may not touch the ground. I really don't mind though, because these chairs are so comfortable I could seriously sit in them all day. That one on the right is my favorite spot for a cup of tea in the morning before everyone else wakes up! (shh!)

Last but certainly not least is the MVP of versatility, the Devyn Bench ! I needed faster shipping on this item, so rather than going for a custom made fabric option, I went with one of the options Sixpenny had in stock for "quick ship". This is the light weight linen in "Oat Flour", and it's a perfect neutral! So far I have had this bench in the living room, the dining room, and the bedroom, and I love it everywhere! I originally planned on having four armchairs in the living room (see my original mood board below), but I love how the backless profile of this bench looks when you come through the front door into the living room!

This also works perfectly as a dining bench (slipcovers for the win!) and my kids love to sit on it to eat, play games, or do school work. I love how it looks with the wood & woven chairs! I'm seriously thinking about getting it in another color, I love it so much! (You can also purchase a slipcover only, in case you want to have a back-up or just switch up the look from time to time. )

Note: Like the Ziki chairs, this bench also sit a little on the high side. This is actually great for little ones using this as a dining bench so they can actually reach the table properly! :)

Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with everything we got from Sixpenny and would highly recommend this brand. The quality and value for money are really outstanding -- I would buy from here again in a heartbeat! It was a great experience with shipping and delivery, and the lead times were even very reasonable in this current age of long waits and backorders. Everyone I spoke with there was friendly and professional. Even after months of use, everything feels brand new and I am so pleased with the quality, comfort and stye of everything! If you're in the market for new furniture, definitely give Sixpenny a look (you can even get 10% off your first order!).

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments!


Special thanks to my friends at Sixpenny for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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Aug 18, 2022

Thank you for your review! I’m trying to decide between medium weight linen and the cotton/linen blend for our couch. It’s hard to tell from the swatches! Do you like the medium weight linen? So worried about it being scratchy

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