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Home Organization with Walmart x The Home Edit

One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to get my home more organized, so I was so happy to partner with Walmart on their new, exclusive line of home organization tools from The Home Edit! Their clear storage bins actually make organizing fun and the results are so satisfying! Using less than $150 in organizers from The Home Edit collection at Walmart, I was able to tackle my kitchen pantry, junk drawers, bathroom drawers, and playroom toy cabinets! Keep reading for some juicy (embarrassing, haha!) before & afters!

The Pantry Edit

This pantry was definitely the biggest headache and eyesore! The shelves are deep so it was hard to reach anything, and I really needed a better organization system to make it more functional. I used a combination of The Pantry Edit bins from The Home Edit's collection at Walmart and now it's SO much better!! I especially loved the tiered shelves for cans/jars -- now I can actually see and access everything without having to take a ton of things out to get to what's in the back! And now I don't mind leaving the pantry door open because it's actually pretty to look at! :)

Pantry: Before

Pantry: After

The Junk Drawer Edit

We have 2 "junk drawers" in our kitchen, both of which were a total disaster. The first one was full of electronics, chargers, essential oils, notepads, and well, junk! The second one had the most random assortment of tape, tools, bandaids and other miscellaneous stuff (don't ask me why there are sage smudging sticks in there.... lol!). Now, they are both super organized and even the kids are (mostly!) sticking to it! Instead of these drawers causing stress and panic, now they actually make me smile when I open them! :)

The Bath Edit

I'm embarrassed to say my bathroom drawers were just as bad as my kitchen junk drawers. We don't have any medicine cabinets or other storage in our bathroom (we will once we renovate, hopefully soon!), so for now everything was just haphazardly shoved into the drawers. The "Bath Edit" kit from The Home Edit's collection at Walmart was the perfect fix! I couldn't believe how perfectly the organizer bins fit into the drawers, in so many different configurations. They organized all of my things, as well as my husband's, so perfectly, and again I just love the clear bins so you can easily see what's in them!

Bathroom: Before

Bathroom: After

The Playroom Edit

Organizing kids' toys is always hard -- especially finding a system they can stick with. These clear stackable bins from The Home Edit's collection at Walmart are ideal for this purpose. Four of them fit perfectly into these IKEA Besta cabinets, and the kids love how the can see what's inside so they can find what they need easily! We use them for legos, magnets, blocks, etc. and it's such a fun and easy way to stay organized!

If you're looking to get your home more organized this year, I highly recommend The Home Edit collection from Walmart! Click below to shop the pieces I used, and other great organizational pieces from this exclusive collection!



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