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Dreamy Summer Bedroom Retreat

You know those vacations that end up being more than just a vacation? The ones that stay with you long after you come home, after the luggage is unpacked, all the laundry is done, and the suntan fades away? For me, one of those trips was our honeymoon in Bali. Something about the easygoing way of life there, and the way the lines between nature and indoors were so beautifully blurred, has always stayed with me...

That was over a decade ago, but ever since, I’ve been wanting to incorporate that feeling into our home somehow. I wanted to create a space that instantly gives you that breezy, ethereal, endless summer feeling, without ever leaving home.


I took to pinterest to gather up inspiring images of villas in Bali, and carefully studied them to pick out the key elements that gave me this feeling: rich, natural wood and jute; lush green plants; simple yet luxurious beds draped in crisp white linens, and sheer, billowy canopies blowing in the breeze:

My Design

To get this look, I started by creating a moodboard using pieces I found from Walmart (their home decor selection is seriously amazing!):

Tip: Creating a moodboard is always my first step in creating a design -- it's so helpful to have everything in one place to see what works together and what feels "off"! You don't need any special programs to do this; I just use Keynote on my Mac (PowerPoint on a PC works just as well!).

Canopy Bed & Linens

For me, the most important part to get right in this room was the canopy bed. In these traditional Balinese villas, the bed is always the major focal point and those gorgeous canopies just take my breath away every time! So, first I looked for the right bed, and I found this beautiful white metal canopy bed frame for such a great price! I love its simple clean lines and that you don't need a box spring with it.

Next, I searched high and low for the perfect canopy, and while there were so many beautiful options like this one or this one, I really wanted a more organic, gauzy cotton/linen feeling to the canopy. I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for anywhere, so I needed to think outside the box... I found these curtains for less than $9 each (!!) at Walmart and ended up making my own custom no-sew canopy using safety pins!

To create the canopy, I used two 84"panels on each of the 4 sides of the bed, and two 63" panels to form the top of the canopy. I wasn't exactly sure how it was going to work when I started, but with some safety pins and a lot of determination, I made it work and I'm so happy with how it turned out! There are several other ways you could do this, including:

- sliding the curtain panels onto the top rails of the bed before it's fully assembled (these come with a rod pocket)

- using curtain panels with back tabs or ties at the top

- using hem tape instead of safety pins (or actually sewing them together)

- loosely tying the curtain panels at each of the 4 corners

You could also get the canopy bed look without a canopy bed frame by using one like this, which you can attach to the ceiling using basic cup hooks! (I did this in my first apartment after college and absolutely loved it!)

Finally, I added some cotton rope tiebacks to hold the side panels open -- these are really easy to remove when you want the panels to be closed, and I love the texture & detail they add to the look:

For the bedding, I knew I wanted simple but luxurious white linens, and this coverlet & sham set added the perfect combination of softness and texture! I love how the bed looks clean and minimal, but has so much added interest with the layers of white linens in varying textures. And ohh my goodness it is so cozy!

Nightstands, Lamps & Mirrors

I really wanted to bring in some warm, rich wood tones next to the all-white bed, and was so excited when I found these amazing natural oak lamps with cone shades! They have a very clean, classic silhouette, but the oak wood base gives them an organic vibe that is perfect for the look I wanted in this space. The brass accents on the lamps are also a really nice touch. These lamps also available in walnut (which I almost got!) and black -- both so beautiful!

To keep with the warm minimal aesthetic, I chose these simple white nightstands to really let the lamps stand out. I debated about adding pulls to the drawer fronts, but in the end I decided the clean, minimal look was more aligned with my inspiration and the vibes I wanted to achieve. These nightstands come with a port in the back to run cords/cables through, and the top drawer front actually flips down, which is such a convenient feature that I've never seen before! Perfect for charging a phone or setting a book or glasses aside for easy reaching, without taking up space on the table top.

Since this room doesn't get a lot of natural light, I added these mirrors above the nightstands to instantly double the light and make the room feel larger. I love the soft touch of brass on these mirrors and the warmth they add to this space. The 47x22" size is the perfect width for these nightstands (and the same mirror is available in many more sizes and finishes, too!).

Rug & Throws

Next, I added a chunky wool/jute blend rug to bring in more of that natural, organic element. For even more of a cozy factor, I also added a faux sheepskin throw... such a treat for your feet! :) I also added this Turkish fouta towel as a throw at the end of the bed for a little extra zhush (these are also great for the bathroom, pool or beach!).

Tree & Basket

Finally, the room needed a bit of greenery (I feel like no space is complete without some!), so I added this 6' faux laurel tree. It looks unbelievably real -- I would definitely recommend this one! To bring in some additional warmth, I found this cute little basket that happened to be just the right size and natural wood tone I was looking for (it also comes in lots of other colors!).

It took a bit of restraint not to add any art or other decor into this space, but I feel like this gives it such a peaceful, calming effect. I might add a bench or stools at the foot of the bed, and maybe a woven ceiling light in the future, but I am so happy with the way this room turned out and how it makes me feel!

Walmart made it so easy to find just the right pieces to pull this room together, and their fast & free shipping was so convenient. I was able to go from inspiration & concept to finished space within just a few weeks, which is no easy feat these days! Check out the Walmart Home summer lookbook for more great ideas on creating your own summer bedroom retreat!

It's so nice to be able to enjoy this space in our home now. The way the sunlight filters through the canopy in the morning, and how the lamp light makes it almost glow in the evening, definitely makes me feel like I've been transported to a dreamy villa in Bali! I hope you like it too! :)

Before & Afters

Without further ado, here are a few "before' photos of the space...

blurry screenshot from FaceTime on inspection day!

freshly painted!

tabula rasa

...and the AFTERS! :)



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