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DIY Vintage Pot Hack

Loving this found / vintage pot trend as much as I am? Don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on them though? I got you!

This is a super quick, easy and inexpensive DIY anyone can do -- no special tools, experience, or dirt required :)

Here was my inspiration from the amazing Studio McGee:

And more from Amber Interiors:

These are so beautiful, but these vintage finds will cost you a pretty penny! Here are a few of my favorites to get this look if you're not the DIY type:

Click on an image below to shop:

If you ARE the DIY type, keep reading! :)

I bought these 2 inexpensive vases (large and small) and thought they would be the perfect shape to try this DIY!

Click on an image below to shop:

These were very popular and might be sold out, but you could do this with any vase, jar or pot. Just find ones with the shape you're looking for -- it will work on any texture, even glass! No prep necessary.

The only product/materials you need other than the vase/pot itself is this special chalk pant and a paint brush! I have found the best combination for an authentic looking vintage pot with these 3 colors:

These paints are less than $10 a pot and a little bit goes a VERY long way! Back in CT, the same pot lasted me about 3 years and countless projects!

Click on an image below to shop:

I like to start with a layer of "charcoal" and let it dry, and then add an uneven layer of "relic", so you have a little bit of the darker charcoal color showing through. Let this dry completely before the net step (chalk paint dries super fast, so it won't take too long!).

Next, I added a thick layer of "primitive" to the bottom 1/5 of the vase, in a very uneven manner. Then, I like to take a small amount of the same color and water it down in a cup or glass so it has a translucent, milky consistency. Starting at the top, brush on some of the watery paint mixture and let it drip down the sides of the vase.

After you've applied the watery mixture all around, go back around and just use your fingers (or a foam brush if you prefer) to smooth it out around the whole surface, leaving some areas uncovered and others a little heavier so you get some variation.

And that's it! This paint dries to a gorgeous chalky finish that looks just like the more expensive found vintage pots, for a fraction of the cost.

Total time: less than 45 minutes (most of which is drying time)

Total cost: less than $80 for 2 vases & 3 paint colors

Psst... Wondering where the table & flowers are from? Click below!

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think! Be sure to tag me on instagram @designsixtyfive if you try this DIY -- I'd love to see what you create! :)



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